Feng Shui – Is the left side higher than the right side?

Feng Shui – Is the left side higher than the right side? If you are living in an apartment and have no control over the landscaping, it is an great idea to energise the dragon inside your home. Place a picture of a dragon on any of the East walls of your home, OR place […]

Feng Shui Compass to find direction

Feng Shui Compass Are you using feng shui compass? If not then you must be estimating directions according to the sun. Mistake! Big mistake! Many of the powerful and potent feng shui formulaes require a very precise reading. You absolutely need to arm yourself with not just any compass but a fengshui compass. How is […]

Feng Shui – Your home have water infront?

Your home have water infront? Its excellent feng shui to have water infront. Also houses that face  north west 2 or 3, south east 2 or 3 and south west 1. or north east 1 have wealth star in front of the house if it was built or renovated after 2004. So when you have water in […]

Feng Shui – any mountain,tall buildings or plants behind?

Your home need support of a mountain or tall buildings or plants behind. If there is a river or road behind then you will find no support in life. If you absolutely cannot create higher ground behind, hang a painting or picture of a turtle at the back portion of your home, or even better keep a turtle, […]


子平派的「氣宗」、「劍宗」(鐵筆小燊) 懷才不遇(常歡@玲瓏堂) 回魂計算法(金多福殯儀) BB,嬰兒改名計劃數?(香港玄學家協會)  古代傳統的BB改名,嬰兒改名(香港玄學家協會) 占占自喜(占卜)(常歡@玲瓏堂) 算命需用『真太陽時間』 (上)(鐵筆小燊)  算命需用『真太陽時間』 (下)(鐵筆小燊)