Feng Shui – Your home have water infront?

Your home have water infront?

Its excellent feng shui to have water infront. Also houses that face  north west 2 or 3, south east 2 or 3 and south west 1. or north east 1 have wealth star in front of the house if it was built or renovated after 2004. So when you have water in front it brings tremendous wealth for years and years. A great cure against poison arrows from neighbouring buildings is a large fountain in front of the entrance into your building. This benefits everyone.

FENG SHUI water infront

Master Chan Tin Nam 陳天楠師傅
Feng Shui Service:
Feng Shui for home
Public building $5000
Home Ownership $6000
Below 1000sq ft$8800
Feng Shui for business
below  500sq ft$5800
below 1000sq ft$8800

陳天楠師傳家居風水圖例(一) Feng Shui Sample(一)

陳天楠師傳家居風水圖例(二) Feng Shui Sample(二)

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