Feng Shui – your living place below road level?

Feng Shui – your living place below road level?

If your land infront of the front door is below road level, you can build a two level house, and make sure the bedrooms are on the upper level, and if possible adjust the home so that the left side of the entrance door is higher than the right side.feng shui road level

Overpasses and overhead roads are the source of deadly chi-energy. Think of them as rivers high up the mountain, that symbolize water reaching its peak, and spells danger.




Master Chan Tin Nam 陳天楠師傅

Feng Shui Service:
Feng Shui for home
Public building $5000
Home Ownership $6000
Below 1000sq ft$8800
Feng Shui for business
below  500sq ft$5800
below 1000sq ft$8800

陳天楠師傳家居風水圖例(一) Feng Shui Sample(一)

陳天楠師傳家居風水圖例(二) Feng Shui Sample(二)

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